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“Ask Ask a Spirit” Is Being Discontinued

My “Ask Ask a Spirit” feature is being discontinued, and not because I don’t have the time to devote to it, interestingly enough.

The reason it’s being kicked to the curb is because, with a very small handful of exceptions, I was not getting the types of questions the feature was meant to answer. Instead, I was getting questions like:

“Becky—-how are you? Are you alone?”
“are you gay”
“Will i marry the person i love?”
“Is Mélanie Éthier buried 3 feet underground at Pete’s Dam?”
“what school do i go to”
“do you know eric m and vikki r”
“is my house hauted” (I don’t know about hauted, but it might be haunted.)
“Will my crush also have a crush on me?”
“will i marry brad f and will he b a faithfull husband”
“are you bloody”

and my favorite:
“is there any chance you could tell me if i have ghots in my house and if yes are they good or bad ones?” (Got ghots???)

What I will do instead is try to remember to run a monthly contest for a free Archangel or Ask Your Guides Oracle Card e-mail reading.

Wow, It’s Been a Busy Month!!!

I’ve been pretty busy with lots of good stuff going on, but… I wanted to respond to a question topic/theme that keeps coming up in the “Ask Ask a Spirit” questions.

The question is, more or less, “How do I communicate with my loved one who has crossed over?” There have been some variations – “How do I receive messages from my loved one?” “How come I’m not hearing from my loved one?”, etc. However, they all revolve around the theme of communicating with those on “the other side”.

As far as how one communicates with those who have crossed over, the answer is surprisingly simple – talk to them. You can talk to them in your head. You don’t have to do it out loud (unless of course, you want people to avoid you on the subway). Similar to “If you build it, they will come”, if you think it, they will hear. Talking to them also lets them know they’re not forgotten. You can also, should you desire, set aside a quiet time and place, put on some peaceful music and meditate. (Not my particular strong point, but that’s another story.)

They communicate with us all the time. Some folks take a while to learn how, but eventually, they will. Chances are that if they were a good communicator in life, they’ll be a pretty good communicator in the afterlife. Translation: Motormouth in life usually = motormouth on the other side. (Trust me, I have several!) I’ve posted an earlier entry a while back on the various ways The Peanut Gallery communicates with me, which may help.

The trick is that we need to be open to receiving and recognizing the signs they send us. Sometimes, we can be totally clueless and dense when it comes to recognizing signs, and wouldn’t recognize one if it jumped up and bit us in the butt! If your mother always wore lily-of-the-valley perfume, and you’re all of a sudden smelling lily-of-the-valley, HELLO!!! – that’s a sign that she’s watching over you!

Of course, sometimes, they’re really obvious about it, like the other day. I turned on my TV to watch something on the SciFi Channel, of all channels. Lo and behold, there was a member of The Peanut Gallery looking right back at me! That one was kind of freaky. Nice, but a little freaky, nonetheless.

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Ask Ask a Spirit Update

I received a few questions a few weeks ago regarding contacting loved ones on the other side, whether they are around us, and how to know if they’re okay over there.

I will get to these – I promise! They all seem to relate to one another in some way. Rather than answering each one individually and specifically, since that would be more like doing a reading than a “question & answer”, I will, in all likelihood, post a response that encompasses all of them a bit more generically.

However, I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten about them. I just want to respond to your questions and give you more than just “quickie”, one-size-fits-all answers.

Ask Ask a Spirit – Week of July 28th

I’m a day early with this, but I’m on a roll this morning…

Going in Circles writes:

I would like to be able to communicate with my guiding spirits, how do I do that? can you guide me? and can I request to have new guiding spirits instead of the ones now because I feel that they are not doing their job? how do I do that too? I feel that I need lots of guidance in this life, that my life is going in circles and today I asked God to replace my guides with better ones that can guide me and help me be a better person and to be successful in this life. I felt that I had the wrong guides all these years. can you help please?? thanks and may the Divine Light be with you.

Okay, this response is totally not going to win me any popularity points, but “The Peanut Gallery” had quite a few things to say after reading this one. I’m going to try to respond to the questions in the order they appear above, but I may go off in another direction once I get started. That being said, this is an example of a response that is probably not what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear.

As for the question about how do you communicate with your guiding spirits, honey, you just did – loud and clear! If it weren’t for the fact that they’re on a higher energy plane, they would probably be extremely pissed off right about now.

As for asking whether you can request new guiding spirits because you think the ones you have aren’t doing their job – things don’t work like some giant office temporary agency in the sky, you know. You can’t hire and fire spirit guides at will. Besides, is it at all possible that it’s not a matter of them not doing their job, but one of you not doing yours??? It is a two-way street, you know. Just speaking from my own past personal experiences, most, if not all, of the screwups in my life could in all likelihood have been avoided for the most part if I had listened to and heeded the advice of my guides, instead of ignoring them and doing whatever it was I damn well pleased. (Like that time I ignored them and stayed at the job from hell, and ended up in the hospital not once, but twice, and then ended up getting fired anyway.)

So, today you asked God for new and “better” guides. It’s a really good thing that guides take all this stuff pretty much in stride and aren’t easily offended. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a huge red target painted on your back in indelible ethereal ink for that next lightning bolt to strike. Nice way to thank them for watching over you all these years and keeping you out of the really nasty stuff. You say you want guides who will guide you to be a better person and to be successful in this life, but you’re showing (at least in this e-mail) a complete and total lack of gratitude and appreciation for the guides who’ve been helping you all along. If you haven’t listened to them, what good do you think not listening to different guides will do?

As for you feeling that you’ve had the wrong guides all these years – do you really think God made a mistake when he gave them to you??? If so, all I can say is “Wow!” I’m sorry, but I cannot help you with this, other than to suggest you take a good long look at your own part in things and how that is what may be what’s keeping you going around in circles, and not your guides. A little humility, gratitude and appreciation of their wisdom might be a good place to start.

Ask Ask a Spirit – Week of July 21

My apologies for the delay in getting this off the ground on a regular basis. I’ve been sidelined with a muscle spasm and pinched nerve in my neck. So, things haven’t been exactly “normal” around here.

Birdwatcher writes:

I heard there was symbolic meaning to seeing a cardinal; possibly from someone on the other side. Do you know anything about this? Thank you.

While I haven’t been able to find any information related to cardinals bearing messages from the other side specifically, I have found some interesting info on the symbolism of the cardinal. The following are some bullet points, as well as a few links to other sites with more info:

  • The cardinal symbolizes the need to integrate both our feminine and masculine energies, such as intuition and perserverance, into our lives.
  • Pay attention to your eating habits? Are you eating foods that are hazardous to your health? Are you eating a healthy diet?
  • The cardinal is a symbol of heightened intuition, creativity and awareness.

Links with additional info:

Animal Symbolism of the Cardinal

Symbolic Meaning of Cardinals

Animal Guides, Totems and Spirit Helpers

Stories in Stone: The Complete Guide to Cemetery Symbolism


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