Musings, love and laughter from the other side

The past few weeks have been “interesting”, to say the least. Fortunately, at least according to the cards I read for myself this afternoon, the worst is behind me. That’s very encouraging! Since losing my “day job”, I’ve had all sorts of fun – trying to get COBRA and other information from my former employers, dealing with all sorts of hassles related to my short-term disability and unemployment claims, seeing more doctors than I’ve probably seen in my entire life, and last but not least, trying to find a new job.

On the very encouraging side, the tide is definitely starting to turn. I’ve had some great readings. I’ve also had some great interviews this week, and if all goes well, my job search will be over! All things considered, things on that front have been moving very quickly! Somebody up there definitely likes me!


Comments on: "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (1)

  1. I thank you for the link back. I hope that all blessings will find you. You’ve had your share but we would certainly become stagnant, if we did not learn and experience, right? Sometimes, I welcome stagnant hahaha!

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