How Ask a Spirit Got its Start

I saw dead people…

And met some really incredible living ones, too! I had the privilege of attending a Mediumship Training seminar with James Van Praagh. This is a whole new adventure for me, and I’m really excited about it!

As for seeing dead people, it’s not quite like what you see on TV. It’s actually more like very clear mental images, sometimes voices, or sensing of people that you’ve never seen before in your life, describing them to the person you’re reading, and them knowing EXACTLY who/what it is that you’re talking about. It was really interesting, both reading others, and being read. In a word, it was AWESOME, and I am SO glad I went! It was exactly what I needed spiritually and networking-wise.

So, I’m starting this blog to journal and share my experiences with the spirit world as I begin this new journey in life. Some may be funny, some may be serious, but I can guarantee it’ll definitely be an interesting ride!

Photo of me with James


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  1. hello my nan died on new years eve i was really upset until 1 day i woke up and i looked into my mirro and she was standing behind me i quickly looked behind me and there was no 1 there i was terrofied

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